25 August 2020

The Finance Broker Relationship

The Finance Broker Relationship : Piecing The Jigsaw Together!

Whether you’re buying a new car, scaling up your business with some new machinery, or taking the step into your first home, increasingly Australians are turning to the services of a finance broker to achieve their goals.

In the home loan space, the numbers of people using brokers has surged past the 50% mark and shows no signs of slowing.  So, whilst we could quote statistics all day, it’s important to understand some of the reasons this is occurring.

The finance market is extremely crowded in Australia with a sea of lenders offering different products, rates, and loan features.  It can be a confusing process, and the consumer has craved for someone to be in their corner representing them, as they attempt to strike a deal that’s most suitable to their circumstances.
That’s where professional brokers like Hewcorp Finance principal Owen Kirk step in. Finance Broker Relationship

What we are good at

Like many professions, brokers tend to specialise in particular areas of finance.  Whilst they are broadly known as finance brokers, consumers will be familiar with the terms Mortgage Broker, Car Loan Broker, Asset Finance Broker, Commercial Broker, and so on……….Some brokers that specialise in the area of consumer lending may offer combined services in residential home lending, together with vehicle finance and personal lending, so that clients can have all their needs met through the one business.

Securing the best outcome for clients involves a partnership approach where broker and client work together.  Where clients are clear about their goals, and provide their broker with accurate and timely information, then the chances of a successful outcome are greatly increased.  The broker is able to examine their client’s goals and financial position to source competitive finance options that meet their immediate needs, whilst being robust enough to handle future requirements.

The process of buying and financing assets of any type can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  It’s important you have professionals working for you to make the process as seamless as possible, and to deliver positive outcomes.


The Hewcorp Finance team delivers real service, peace of mind and a level of professionalism you can count on.

Hewcorp Finance provides professional home, motor vehicle, truck, caravan, marine and asset finance services to customers in Redland Bay, Bayside suburbs, and the greater Brisbane region.  You can follow Owen on LinkedIn LIKE us on Facebook, or view information about Asset Finance Options on our website.


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