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If you are a Cleveland resident who wants outstanding financial services, then Hewcorp Finance is the business for you! Hewcorp Finance is a Financial Broker located only 10 km from Cleveland and we also offer home visits at no additional cost for the comfort and convenience.

Hewcorp Finance is determined to find the right finance option for you. It’s not just the interest rates,  but also the bank’s fees and individual loan features you need to consider.

We take out the stress of finding the right loan you. Breathe easy and relax, Hewcorp Finance is here to find you the best deal.

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Owen Kirk

Spanning a career in the finance industry over 40 years, there aren’t too many scenarios that principal Broker Owen Kirk hasn’t experienced.

Owen Kirk decided to start Hewcorp Finance after 23 years as a business banker. he could help his clients achieve their financial goals and dreams far better through his own business. After 23 years as a business banking and branch manager in a major bank delivering positive financial outcomes for customers,

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Hewcorp Finance is just 10km from cleveland

Hewcorp Finance aim is to provide the best finance option for all customers. We deliver industry-leading services in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs. Owen is an experienced finance broker working for you to get your approval.

Financial Broker in Cleveland

Once we have discussed your needs, we will search through what options are available for a range of finance companies, some of which are not available to the general public. Once we find the right option for you, we will submit your finance application.

We encourage you to contact us directly should so we can get you the best finance option or if you simply want more information about the services that we can provide you. Book your next appointment by calling us today at 0407 251 676, use our contact page to schedule a complementary session.

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3 Finance Options

​​Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage is a type of finance used to acquire vehicles and a range of other equipment. The lender takes security for the course of the loan to provide the funds for the loan. As a result, if do not make repayments the lender can repossess the asset. Once the final payment has been made, the asset will belong to you.

This loan option can be used for office equipment, software, cars, trailers and trucks. In the case of a Financial Lease, the asset is owned by the lender and the customer is making regular payments for the lease. At the end of the contract you have the option to purchase the asset or give it back to the lender. A finance lease can be a tax-effective way of financing for anyone self-employed.

​​Finance Lease​

Low Doc Loans​

Low Doc Loans are designed workers that are self-employed. This option also requires the same financial documents as traditional loans. Low doc loans can be used for equipment, vehicles, machinery and even home loans (Depending on eligibility). Generally, Low Doc Loans are approved in a shorter time frame than other loan options.


Why Finance Your Car With Us?

Get Fast approvals, we are a one-stop-shop with no headaches. You have the option of flexible repayments from monthly, fortnightly or weekly up to 1-7 years. Get in touch and see how much can you save on your car loan, obligations free.

How does a car finance loan work?

A car finance allows you to borrow an amount of money to buy a car. In return , you pay make regular payments to the financial institution lender. A loan is given a time frame to pay back the loan that range from one to seven years.

What is the lowest interest rate on a car loan?

In today climate interest rates can be as low as 3% however, this highly depends on customer profile and a number of other factors.

What are the fees and charges on car loans?

The cost of fees vary between lenders ad can be included in your repayments. Typically a loan may have an establishment fee of up to $500 and early termination fees of up to $300.

What is an early termination fee?

An early termination fee is a charge you pay if you pay off your loan ahead of your contract. Some lenders may have a minimum time-frame in which after this period, early termination is free.

What is resale value?

The resale value is the price if you were to sell your car at that current time. This value depends on the number of different factors some cars depreciate at different rates. On average a car will depreciate 14% over the first 3 years of ownership.

Do you have a service area?

We are a Financial Broker in Cleveland​, providing services in this area and other surrounding suburbs.