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Buying a new truck is a big decision.  Whether it’s a small 2 tonne covered truck all the way up to a road train, it’s a significant investment.  So, when it comes to sourcing appropriate finance, it’s important to ensure the loan is structured the right way, as well as offering competitive interest rates and fees.  

If you’re business is expanding and you need an additional truck, it can be an exciting development for any business owner! The truck finance market is a sea of lenders offering different packages, rates and features, with some of them being less than competitive.  It can be a confusing process. 

With many truck dealers offering internal financing options, you will need help to work out what is genuine and what ‘attractive offer’ may end up costing you a lot more. 

Your Hewcorp Finance consultant will explore options from many specialised truck finance providers, with loans to suit most buyer’s requirements. *

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Truck finance options

Truck Loan Options

In addition to interest rates, fees and loan features, the structure of the loan is very important, and may have taxation implications or other surprising outcomes at the end of the loan term.

That’s why getting the right information from your Hewcorp Finance consultant will ensure the loan is structured to meet your business needs, as well as having a competitive interest rate and fee structure. *  We’ll also work in closely with your accountant and financial advisor if needed to achieve the right result.

So, as an introduction to some of the loan structuring options, we’ve outlined some general information about some of the most popular vehicle loan structures.

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Car Finance

it’s important to explore competitive financing options for your new pride and joy, unless you want to get caught in one of the many car buying traps.


Whether it's a small camper trailer, a fully featured caravan, a modern motor home, or a specialised trailer for a prime mover, we can help you.

Marine Finance

With some of the most beautiful parts of Australia, it's only natural you might want to purchase a boat or other water based recreational devices and explore the waterways.

Home Loans

Getting the right loan that not only meets your needs, but fits in with your long term financial goals is vitally important.